CFP (journal): Urbanity and Industry (Evental Aesthetics)


The Editors of Evental Aesthetics, an independent, peer-reviewed, online journal dedicated to philosophy and art, are pleased to invite submissions for our forthcoming issue, to be entitled Urbanity and Industry. The aim of this issue is to discuss philosophical questions arising from aesthetic experiences of the urban, the mechanical, the technological, the utile, and the polluted; and from art forms to cultural practices that developed in or rely upon urban or industrial environments and ideologies.

We welcome both full-length articles (4,000-10,000 words, excluding endnotes) and Collisions (1,000-2,000 words). Collisions are brief (but well-written and thoughtful) responses to aesthetic experiences that raise philosophical questions for discussion, but that do not necessarily enact the discussion in full. More information on Collisions is available at

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

Art “about” urbanity and/or industry, e.g. photography of Edward Burtynsky; works like Anne LeBaron’s opera Crescent City

Aesthetic and/or philosophical responses to urban and/or industrial disasters, e.g. 3/11: the earthquake and nuclear fallout in Japan Arts unique to urban spaces, e.g. street art, breakdancing

Artistic and musical cultures devoted to or centered in particular cities, e.g. the New York School

Sound art and the city, e.g. in the work of Max Neuhaus, Bill Fontana, Yann Novak

Everyday aesthetics

Relationships between the aesthetic and the utilitarian

Urban waste

Technological waste

Environmental aesthetics

Aesthetics of architecture, urban planning, or road works

Aesthetics of technology and machinery, especially heavy machinery

Ideologies of productivity and connectivity

Matters concerning space, e.g. as discussed by Henri Lefebvre

The meaning(s) of “the city”

Aesthetics of urban protest

Fictional cities, e.g. in fantasy fiction or science fiction, e.g. in Metatropolis, edited by John Scalzi

Particular cities through the eyes of artists and philosophers, e.g. Haruki Murakami’s Tokyo, Dostoevsky’s Petersburg Readings of literary, scholarly, and philosophical work concerning urbanity and industry, e.g. by Georges Bataille, Emily Thompson, Frederic Jameson.

Please send your submissions electronically in MS Word format (doc or docx files), double-spaced in a legible font, in accordance with TheChicago Manual of Style (endnotes, please). Be sure to accompany your submission with an abstract (max. 250 words), a bibliography, and at least 5 keywords that may be used as search terms. Articles must be in English, but we welcome either American or British spelling provided the submission remains consistent throughout. Before submitting, pleas review our submission requirements, review procedures, and copyright policy at

Finally, email your submission to*eventalaesthetics – at – gmail – dot –com*, by *July 1, 2012*. Direct any inquiries to the Editors at the same address. For announcements of forthcoming issues and future calls for authors, please sign up for our email list at**


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