MPSG 2017 Free Paper Sessions


Individual session chairs will soon be confirmed!

With its revised format, this year’s conference had the biggest response of any RMA MPSG event yet to its call for paper submissions. Across the themed and free sessions (excluding associates sessions), a total of exactly 200 abstract submissions were received, from which only 46 papers could be accepted. For the central conference committee and the themed session convenors alike, it was both uplifting and humbling to see the breadth and depth of scholarship taking place in music and philosophy at this time. Needless to say, many difficult submissions had to be made, and many promising papers turned away. We are grateful for every submission, and hope that you will be able to join us in London in July – whether presenting a paper or not.


New Light on German Romanticism

Sebastian Wedler, Adorno and the Politics of Musical Landscape

Koshka Duff, Tales of Schumann: The uncanny in the Kinderszenen [lecture recital]

Kelly Christensen, Operetta at the Intersection of Nietzsche’s Early Aesthetics and Late Musical Tastes

Babette Babich, Who is Nietzsche’s Archilochus? Lyric Poetry, Alan Rickman’s Severus Snape, and Quantitational Rhythm


The Sublime and The Ineffable

Cecilia Livingston, Duncan MacFarlane, Dazzled by the stars: Beethoven, Kant, and Confusions of the Sublime

Mauro Fosco Bertola, Please mind the gap! Musical Modernism and the Sublime in the 21st Century

Daniel Fox, The Perceptual Origin of the Sublime in György Ligeti’s Violin Concerto

Jan Czarnecki, The Ineffable in the Philosophy of Music. Zangwill vs. Jankélévitch


Musical Materialisms

Samuel Wilson, Adorno’s concept of musical material during and after the New Materialisms

Katherine Fry, Wagnerism in Victorian London: between Philosophy and Performance

Isabella van Elferen, The Paradoxes of Timbre: Musical Epistemology between Idealism and Materialism

Eran Guter, The Philosophical Significance of Wittgenstein’s Experiments on Rhythm, Cambridge 1912-13


Gesture and Play

Jean Beers, Opaque Transparencies [Lecture recital]

Matteo Magarotto, Mozart’s Order, Mozart’s Play: An Enlightenment Dialectic

Lara Pearson, Gesture as Thought in South Indian raga performance

Annabel Colas, Why improvisation blows up the token/type distinction


Phenomenology and Language

Jessica Wiskus, Classical Phenomenology on the Correlation between Cognitive Act and Formal Meaning

Thiemo Breyer and Marie Louise Herzfeld-Schild, Musical Metaphors in Phenomenology

Ben Curry, Musical Meaning and Wilfrid Sellars’ Philosophy of Language

Natalia Borza, All the World’s an Opera House: The parallel of philosophical enquiries and the art of music


Sound and Silence

Joseph M. Ortiz, Marking Time: Theories of Musical Silence from Aristotle to Shakespeare

James Savage-Hanford, Meaning and Silence in Enescu

Alessandro Giovannucci, The mute and the dumb: sound as a link between philosophy and music

Michael Gallope, The Inaudible Velvets


Musical Dwelling

Férdia Stone-Davis (University of Sheffield), “The Nexus of Hospitality: Dwelling and Virtual Nomadism”

Felix Ó Murchadha (National University of Ireland, Galway), “The Musicality of Experience: Phenomenology and Listening”

Lillis Ó Laoire (National University of Ireland, Galway), “The Music of Renewal: Examples from the Gaelic Fringe”

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