EVENT: First Torun NeuroCulture Meeting


First Torun NeuroCulture Meeting, May 22nd-24th, 2011

Event on music and brain with neuroscientists and cognitive scientists who play music and scientists who study music and brain as research area (symposium and concerts).

For details, see: http://www.kognitywistyka.umk.pl/neuroculture/


* Joseph LeDoux
* Daniela Schiller
* David Edelman
* Julian Paul Keenan
* Bernard Baars The conscious fringe, musical beauty and the brain
* Stephen Kosslyn (?)
* Arie Perry
* Petr Janata Music, Memories, and the Brain
* Lisa Aziz-Zadeh (?)
* Sean A. Day Music-related synesthesiae
* Heather Berlin
* Joan Chiao
* Marc Leman
* Emmanuel Bigand
* Luc Delannoy
* Peter Keller What do musical ensembles tell us about general principles of interpersonal coordination
* Frank Pollick
* Takashi Ikegami
* Simone Dalla Bella When perception and action dissociate in music performance
* Andrew Warshaw Percussion Music and Implicit Vertebrate Locomotion Patterns
* Wlodzislaw Duch
* Michael Shadlen
* Joel Krueger
* Maciej Karpinski, Katarzyna Klessa, Agnieszka Wagner Perceptual reconstruction of melodic patterns in speech and music
* Agnieszka Karas
* Karolina Rataj
* Rozalina Gutman (professional pianist/composer and passionate music education advocate)
* Sear Tokay (professional pianist/conductor)
* “Jazzpin”
* “Vogue” (Theater of Modern Dance)

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