MPSG 2022


Programme (Draft)

 8th Conference of the Royal Musical Association Music & Philosophy Study Group 
Department of Music, King’s College London, 7th-8th July 2022 

Thursday 7th July

8.45-9.20 Registration and coffee
9.20-9.30 Introductory words

9.30-11.00 Keynote I

Andy Hamilton, “Jazz as Classical Music”

11.00-13.00 Parallel Sessions I

Free Session 1 – Popular Music and Philosophy

Jin Hyun Kim, “Sonorous Forms of Vitality in Popular Music”
Toby Young, “The Aesthetics of Distortion”
Veronika Muchitsch, “Remediations of Genre and Gender in ‘Genrefluid’ Spotify Playlists” 

Associates Session 1 (Stevens Institute of Technology/College of Arts and Letters) – Nietzsche on Affect and Emotion in Music (chair: Aysegul Durakoglu)

Yunus Tuncel, “Nietzsche on Emotion and Affekt in Music”
Aysegul Durakoglu, “The Piano Music of Friedrich Nietzsche: An Analysis of Selected Compositions”
Michael Steinmann, “Thinking Through Music: On Non-Propositional Thought in Friedrich Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy

Associates Session 2 (Performance Philosophy Network)Opening up institutional structures in Performance Philosophy: Emergent strata of power and knowledge within music and sound (chair: Anthony Gritten)

Papers from Anthony Gritten, Caroline Wilkins and Leona Jones

Associates Session 3 (KCL) – tbc

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:40 Parallel Sessions II

Free Session 2 – Ontology, Text and Meaning in Flux

Kework K. Kalustian, “Reconciliation between Representationalist and Anti-Representationalist Accounts of Musical Meaning”
Caleb Labbe Phelan, “Adorno, Benjamin, and the Task of Musical Translation”
Małgorzata A. Szyszkowska, “Listening-in and the Musical Work as a Horizon in Roman Ingarden and Pauline Oliveros”
Iain Campbell, “Experimenting at the Borders: Outline for a Historical Ontology of Experimental Music”

Themed Session 1 – Music and Deconstruction (chair: Clare Lesser)

Anne Greenwood, “Is the Anthropocene Haunted?”
Chieh-Ting Hsieh, “The Ghost of Writing: On the Correlation between Music Notation and Phonography from the Perspectives of Media and Culture Studies”
Dave Bainbridge, “This is This: Meaningless Signs, Literalist Marks, Arbitrary Marks, Empty Signifiers, Non-Sense”

Associates Session 4 (Neurobiology of Music Study Group) – Musical Thinking (chair: Piotr Zieliński/Piotr Podlipniak)

Piotr Podlipniak, “The Experience of Musical Structure as a Part of Preconceptual Proto-Consciousness”
Anna Chęćka, “An Incorporated Thought of the Performer”
Violetta Kostka, “Musical Thinking as Conceptual Integration”
Piotr Zieliński, title TBC

Free Session 3 – Deleuze, Poststructuralism and Materialism

Patrick Valiquet – “Schismogenesis as Anamnesis: The Nontranslation of Poststructuralist Music Theory”
Jared Holton, “Gilles Deleuze, Modal Music, and Territorialization: The Case of Andalusian Music in Tunisia”
Sybrand Veeger, “Schopenhauer on Music as Analogy: A Deleuzian Reading”
Lee Cannon-Brown, “Music Theory, Materialism, and Speculation”

16.40-17.15 Coffee

17.15-18.45 Keynote II

Ana Maria Ochoa, title TBC

19.15 Conference dinner at Masala Zone Covent Garden

Friday 8th July

9.00-10.00 Registration and coffee; Early Careers Session

10.00-12.40 Parallel sessions III

Free Session 4 – Theories of Music in History

Miglė Miliūnaitė, “Two Ways of Thinking about Music in Augustinian Writings”
Daniel Regnier, “Al-Fārābī on Music as Science: The Composer’s Perspective”
Roberta Vidic, “Tartini’s ‘Musical Inference’ between Epistemology and History of Harmony”
Rafael Echeverria, “On the Use and Disadvantage of History for the New Formenlehre”

Free Session 5 – Contemporary Resonances

Daryl Jamieson – “Hollow listening: a Kyoto School-based argument for letting sounds be themselves”
Monika Voithofer – “Crisis sounds so cool!” Contemporary Music, Intermedia Art Practices and the End of Autonomy?
Mark Saccomano, “Chaos and Coherence: The Effects of Timbre on the Perception of Space”
Christine Dysers, “Simultaneity, Delay, and Repetition: Tracing Time in Marina Rosenfeld’s Deathstar Series”

Associates Session 5 (UK Ecomusicology Study Group), Music, Philosophy, and the Environment (chair: Dylan Price)

Amanda Bayley, “Developing an Epistemology of Listening from/for Environmental Empathy”
Léo Charlier, “Ontologies of Musical Organicism: Insights from Deleuze/Guattari”
Jess Ward, “Christina Kubisch’s ‘Electrical Walks’: Environmental Aesthetics and Digital Soundscapes”
Dylan Price, “Martinů’s Nightcap: Environment, Visual Perception, and Phenomenology in the ‘Night’ Music”

Associates Session 6 (University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz) – The Epistemic Power of Music (chair: Ferdia Stone-Davis)

Andreas Dorschel, “’Phantasia’: Epistemology into Art”
Deniz Peters, “Musical Experimentation: Epistemic, or Aesthetic?”
Anna Rezai, “Performing Music, Shaping Knowledge: Urban Space and Iranian Traditional Music”
Sarah Weiss, “Knowing Musically: An Ethnomusicological Perspective”

12.40-13.30 Lunch

13.30-16.10 Parallel Sessions IV

Free Session 6 – Philosophy in Performance

Jonas Lundblad, “The Conductor’s Sound: Sergiu Celibidache’s Phenomonology of Music”
Lisa Giombini, “Between Respect and Originality. A Phronetic Approach to Musical Performance”
Jennifer Ronyak, “Form as an Ideal Social Relation: Kate Soper’s Musical and Dramatic Reading of Aristotle’s Metaphysics in IPSA DIXIT (2017)”
Alfia Nakipbekova, “Dialogic Interpretation: approaching Invisibility for cello with two bows by Liza Lim from the perspective of Michael Bakhtin’s theory of the novel”

Themed Session 2 – Music and the Sublime

Jerrold Levinson, “Sublime Music”
Nick Zangwill, “Skepticism About the Musical Sublime”
Lacey Golaszewski, “The Beauty-Utility Dialectic in Music As Conceived in Terms of the Abject and the Sublime”

Free Session 7 – Epistemologies of Musical Practice

Lauren Redhead, “The Practice of Practice Research: knowledge, experience, institutional critique and the case for a radical epistemology of practice”
Nathan Fleshner, “Toward a Musical Philosophy of Truth: Malvina Reynolds, Singing the Truth, and Popular Music as Recorded Truth”
Ruard Absaroka, “Sonic Agnotology: Epistemocracy, Disknowledge, and the Cultural Production of Musical Ignorance”
Claire McGinn and Stan Erraught, “All these musics are good, all these musics are nice’: Harmony, Likemindedness, and Musical Abjection”

Associates Session 7 (Nordic Wittgenstein Society), Tractatus at One Hundred: The Relevance of Wittgenstein’s Musical Thinking (chairs: Eran Guter/Hanne Appelqvist)

Hanne Appelqvist, “‘A sounding picture of the great movements in the universe’? – Wittgenstein’s Early Remarks on Music in Light of the Kantian Tradition”
Eran Guter, “Music in (and out of) the Tractatus: A Deflationary (yet deeply caring) Account”
Andy Hamilton and Ruby Main, “Wittgenstein’s Tractatus and the Aesthetics of Perfection”

16.10-16.40 Coffee

16.40-18.10 Keynote III

Cecile Malaspina, “Ovid’s Hecuba and the contemporary relevance of noise”

18.10 Acknowledgements
18.30 Drinks reception

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