CFP (journal): The Monist Issue of the Philosophy of Music


Deadline for Submissions: October 31, 2011
Advisory Editor: Julian Dodd, The University of Manchester (

Music raises many fascinating questions for both analytical aesthetics and philosophy quite generally. Ontological concerns have been particularly pressing in recent times. What kind of entity is a work of music? How are such entities individuated? Do they depend for their existence on their performances?
Other compelling issues are more squarely aesthetic. For example, many have supposed that works of pure, instrumental music lack both meaning and representational content. But if this is true, what could understanding such works consist in? And how could it be possible for certain musical works to have the significance, depth and profundity that we commonly attribute to them? Other aesthetic questions concern music’s relation to the emotions, the desirability of ‘historically informed’ performance practices, and the nature of the value we find in listening to music. Submissions are invited that take forward the debate in any of these, or related, areas.

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