EVENT: HowTheLightGetsIn


HowTheLightGetsIn (http://www.howthelightgetsin.org/tickets/), the world’s first philosophy and music festival, will be held at Hay-on-Wye, 26th May-5th June.  This event brings together philosophers, writers, musicians, politicians, artists and commentators for ten days of rigorous debate, incisive solo talks, film screenings, live performance, and parties.

HowTheLightGetsIn has put paid to the idea that the public want dumbed down culture.  With an unashamedly high-brow programme tackling the latest theories in everything from philosophy and art to science and politics, visitor numbers have been growing at a breakneck pace – tripling each year to 20,000 expected attendees.  The theme for this year’s festival is “New Gods: Icons and Ideas in  a Changed World.” Are the great narratives that have built and sustained the West under threat? And, if so, what are the new gods that will replace them?

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