CFP: The Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics


The Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics invites contributions from
postgraduate students for its Spring 2011 issue (vol. 8 no. 1).
Successful contributions will be published alongside an interview with
Professor Roger Scruton.


Word limit: 3,000-3.500 words.

The papers are to be submitted in Rich Text Format (.rtf) via e-mail
to . Omit all identifying information
from the paper, but please include your name and institutional
affiliation in the body of the e-mail.

Submissions may be on any topic in aesthetics and philosophy art. The
PJA welcomes papers from diverse perspectives (including analytic,
continental and historical ones). The PJA is also one of the few
postgraduate journals where papers are reviewed by professional
philosophers, and where successful submissions get additional exposure
by being published alongside a feature by or an interview with an
established figure in the philosophy of art. We aim to provide
feedback on submitted papers.

The PJA is an open-access online journal. For more information, consult:

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