EVENT: Music in Time. Phenomenology, Perception, Performance,


You are cordially invited to attend “Music in Time. Phenomenology, Perception, Performance,” a conference and concert in honor of Christopher Hasty, Walter W. Naumburg Professor of Music at Harvard University October 18-20, 2013.

The conference is free, but registration is recommended. Details about sessions, speakers, directions, and the concert are below.

Thank you, very much, for reading. We’d be delighted if you were able to attend!

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Schedule of Events

FRIDAY, October 18
2:00-2:20 Introductory Remarks, Suzannah Clark

Experiencing Time
2:20-3:00 Nicholas Cook, “It’s About Time: Performance Minus Modernism”
3:00-3:40 Lawrence M. Zbikowski, “Musical Time, Embodied and Reflected”

3:40-4:00 – coffee break

Knowing the Score
4:00-4:40 Robert Morris, “Notation Is One Thing, Analysis Another, Musical Experience a Third: What Can They Have To Do With One Another?”
4:40-5:20 Eugene Narmour, “The Musical Score and Its Seven Modes of Performance”

8:00 – CONCERT, followed by reception
Free and open to the public

with Gabriela Diaz, violin, Wenting Kang, viola
Rafael Popper-Keizer, cello, Yoko Hagino, piano
and the Parker String Quartet

Martin Brody Corona
Robert Morris …gradually…
Christopher Hasty And Here Wings Open
Christopher Hasty Enfolding Two Unfolding You
Brian Hulse Temporal Reflections
SATURDAY, October 19
8:30 morning coffee/breakfast

The Passage of Time, Holding Time Still
9:00-9:40      Scott Burnham, “On the Last Bar of Schubert’s String Quintet”
9:40-10:20    Janet Schmalfeldt, “In Time with Christopher Hasty: On Becoming a Performer of Robert Schumann’s Davidsbündlertänze
10:20-11:00 Jeanne Bamberger, “Shaping Time”

11:00-12:00 coffee break and visit to special exhibit on Time & Time Again: How Science & Culture Shape the Past, Present, & Future. Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Harvard Museum of Science & Culture

Lunch on your own.

Finding Time: The Body and Parsing Rhythm and Meter
2:00-2:40 Eugene Montague, “Rhythmic Complexity and the Rule of Meter”
2:40-3:20 Kofi Agawu, “The Metrical Underpinnings of African Time-Line Patterns”

3:20-4:00 – coffee break

Jump to the Left, Step to the Right
4:00-4:40 Susan McClary, “Doing the Time Warp in Seicento Music”
4:40-5:20 Matthew Butterfield, “When Swing Doesn’t ‘Swing’: Competing Conceptions of an Early Twentieth-Century Rhythmic Quality”
SUNDAY, October 20

8:30 morning coffee/breakfast

“Thisness” and Particularities
9:00-9:40 Brian Hulse, “Off the Grid: Hasty and Musical Novelty in Smooth Time”
9:40-10:20 Martin Brody, “Theory, As a Music”

10:20-10:50 coffee break

Unlearning/Relearning Habits of Thought
10:50-11:30 Stephen Blum, “Ethnomusicologists and Questions of Temporality”
11:30-12:10 Joseph N. Straus, “Theorizing Music, Theorizing Disability”

12:10-12:30 Concluding Remarks, Alexander Rehding

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