CFP (conf): Postgraduate symposium “Envisioning modernity”


CFP: Postgraduate symposium “Envisioning modernity”

Deadline for receipt of proposals: Saturday 21 December 2013

Date of event: Tuesday 11 March 2014

Conference website:

Venue: Music Department, University of Durham, United Kingdom

Keynote speaker: Professor Lydia Goehr (Columbia University)

This symposium aims to provide an opportunity for critical reflection on the current state of scholarship on musical modernism. It will focus in particular on the intellectual history of musical modernism, and the dominant assumptions which have influenced the processes of critical validation and canon formation in historical accounts of the period.

Proposals are invited for individual papers and panels on topics relating to these general themes, such as:

Modernist envisionings of the composer and conceptualisations of the musical artwork

Modernist musical artworks as an artistic response to a perceived wider state of cultural, societal, and intellectual crisis

Philosophical influences on modernist musical aesthetics

The reception history of musical modernism, its implications for musical historiography and notions of canonicity

Moral and ideological imperatives informing modernist musical aesthetics

Musical modernism and notions of historical necessity/inevitability and progress

Musical modernism and technological innovation

The institutionalisation of modernism: modernism and the academy

Modernism and totalitarianism

Modernism and its critics

Proposals should be submitted in the form of an abstract of 250 words, accompanied by:

a professional resume of approximately 100 words, information concerning institutional affiliation, and contact details

All proposals should be submitted no later than Saturday 21 December 2013 by email to Daniel Tooke (daniel.tooke[at] or James Winkley (e.j.winkley[at], who will also be happy to assist with informal enquiries. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision concerning the final selection of papers by Monday 6 January 2014.

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