CFP (conf): Identities – An interdisciplinary approach


Identities – An interdisciplinary approach

23-25 October 2014, Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM), Istanbul Technical University

Keynote Speaker: Professor Dinko Fabris, president of the International Musicological Society


For the last several decades, the ever-evolving concept of identity has been a central issue for researchers from the many disciplines who examine musical phenomena. Whereas we had once associated identity mainly with religious, ethnic, or national groups, it has recently become a scholarly commonplace that identity functions as a conceptual tool on many levels of human experience, from the individual to the mass societies of nation-states and everything in between. Taking as a starting point the well-worn postulate that music can be a means to manifest identity, construed broadly, we invite proposals that take this subject into fresh territory from any of the music disciplines, including musicology, ethnomusicology, historical musicology, systematic musicology, cognitive musicology, empirical musicology, and music theory, as well as from researchers in other fields for whom musical phenomena are a substantial element (philosophy, sociology, anthropology, history, critical theory, gender studies, psychology, economics, and many others).

Please send your proposals for 20-minute papers to the following email address: identities2014 at

Your proposals should include:

– name of participant(s) and institutional affiliation
– abstract (ca. 300 words, in doc. or docx. form)
– short CV (ca. 150 words)


15 March 2014


There will be no fee to attend this conference but we are not in the position to cover any expenses


English and Turkish (with simultaneous translation)

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